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We’re in the beginning of the century, some informations point for the year 1906, when Albino António Beira, employee of the extinguished company "Sociedade de Cortiças do Norte", decides to leave the company and start his own business, for corks sales, exclusively for the Port Wine and using his home’s basement located near his customer.

Alberto Maria BeiraWith his death in 1926, the wife Emília Beira continued the business, having adopted the name of 'Albino António Jorge Widow', for what 20 years later give society to her grandchildren. The society keeps working after the year of 1946, date of Emilia Beira death, as her grandchildren, Alberto Beira, decides to keep the business.

It’s in this context that by 19th June of 1979, it’s constituted J. A. Beira, Lda, for what the partners are Alberto Beira and his son José Alberto Beira. By the time Sr. Alberto Beira was the commercial director of the Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges & Irmão, SARL and his son sales inspector for the same company. Their connections have made them engaged a few costumers and started to work with 3 workers.

José Alberto BeiraDuring the follow years and respective business increase, José Alberto Beira decides to work in full-time managing J. A. Beira, Lda, developing even more the business. The company continued successfully working eventhough the suddenly death of Alberto Beira, by July of 1993. Although the increasing of the competition, the company has been able to overcome the difficulties and developing, having invested with it’s own capital in equipments, technology, better working conditions, hygiene & security at work and environment protection. All this so it’s possible to reply even better and with more Quality to the market’s/customers demand.


On December 12, it was decided, for reasons of the health of Mrs. Júlia da Rocha Morais, to appoint Ms. Maria de Lurdes Pinho dos Santos Beira Correia as Managing Partner of J. A. Beira, Lda. thus remaining to this date.


Although the evolution and demands of the markets are increasing, the company has overcome the difficulties and evolved in several aspects, having invested with own capital in equipment and technology, improvement of the working conditions, hygiene and safety in the work and protection of the environment, in order to respond more effectively and quality to market demands.

There’s a lot of proud to observe that J. A. Beira, Lda is today an organisation with an important notability and share in the Port Wine, Table Wine, Whisky and Licour’s bottlers market.