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Satisfy our customers
by providing safe products with high added value and an adequate use of resources.

Promote a Work Environment
in which employees become fully committed, involved and motivated in the achievement of individual objectives and organization.

Continuously improve the effectiveness of our organization
continuously improve the effectiveness of our organization.

Ensure communication
with all partners: Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Public Entities and Society.

Prevent pollution
reduce waste and consumption of resources (materials, fuels and energy) to recover and recycle, where practicable, to the detriment of landfill;

all requirements of customers, Legal and Regulatory


J. A. BEIRA, LDA. assumes the Health and Safety of Workers as a fundamental value of the company committing itself to:

- Comply with the legislation in force regarding Occupational Health and Safety applicable to facilities, equipment, products and work organization;

- Identify, Assess and Eliminate or Reduce systematically and as far as possible the risks that result from their activity to the health and safety of their workers;

- Train and Inform Workers about the risks they are exposed to, the measures they must take to prevent them and the individual responsibilities in the field of Safety and Health at Work;

- To promote the participation of all workers in the continuous improvement of Health and Safety at Work, reporting situations that present a grave danger or imminent and also providing solutions.

- Include safety and health goals at Work in J. A. BEIRA Objectives Plan;

- Systematically seek best practices, with a view to updating and modernizing methods, equipment and work organization in the field of Occupational Safety and Health.