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The cork stoppers ensure the wine is sealed inside the glass container. This seal, if prolonged in time, promotes the maturation of wine, that is, its noble aging through the numerous physicochemical processes that occur, either between its components, or between these and the substances that make up the internal environment of the bottle. This gradual evolution of bottle wine takes place in an environment with very low oxygen content, but necessary and sufficient to make the wine evolve correctly. Only the natural cork stopper can provide this perfect balance.

The tightness provided by the cork stopper is not only essential for stage wines, but also for fast-consuming wines . With the natural cork, it is possible to ensure an excellent conservation of the wines without there being interference in the harmony of its components, giving a signal of quality to the wine.

The cork, due to its characteristics of elasticity, compressibility and cellular constitution , is the only sealant able to ensure this type of conservation in any type of wine. Furthermore, only its natural material is able to adapt properly to the internal irregularities of the bottleneck, ensuring a perfect seal, even if the glass dilates or contracts, something that can happen with the change of the ambient temperature during the transport or storage.

We can expect a perfect seal for a few tens of years.This seal can be extended even further in time since the cork stopper is of high quality and the storage conditions of the wine are ideal (temperature, pressure and humidity adequate and without large thermal amplitudes daily and during the seasons).


"With more than 10 years of collaboration with the company J.A. BEIRA, we can say that we find a supplier always available to give the best of quality and service and also attentive to all our needs.It is a pleasure to work with a very professional team, available and reliable."

Louis Giordimaina